paddleboarding mallorcaPracticing sport is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. It is through this physical effort that you don’t only get in shape but also release endorphins, the hormones responsable for happiness. Paddelboarding is an excelent way to do exercise, thanks to how easy it is, the contact with the sea and the possibility to get lessons from our highly qualified instructors.

How do we run the paddleboarding Mallorca lessons?

This fabulous way of surfing has its origin in the heart of hawaii, where the polinesians call it Ku Hoe He´e NALU, which translates as standing up, paddleing and catching a wave. This dicipline consists of surfing on a board of larger dimensions sufficiently big to facilitate keeping your balance, since you are mostly standing and move around with a paddle.

With the help of proffesionals highly qualified by the International Paddle Surf Organization (IOSUP) , you can learn to practice this marvelous way of tuning your mind and body, doing exercise while enjoying the sea.

Iniciation course

Our lessons at Paddleboarding Mallorca are available for all types of people: Small, big, with or without experience, young and old. In spite of how easy it is to learn, you need first an initiation class, where you will learn:

- Safety and caracteristics of the area.
- Introduction to the equipment.
- Entering and exiting the water.
- Basic techniques for paddleing.
- Balance and body position.
- Basic turns.

Advanced SUP course

Once you have learnt to walk, then you are ready to run. During your advanced course you will learn more complex movements and excercises:

- Initiation into wave riding.
- Perfecting you paddle tecnique-
- Advanced balance excercises.


We make it possible that if you don`t have a paddle, the board or other accesories, you can rent Paddle boards for well known brands like Starboard and Red Paddle. You can also use inflatable boards with the same characteristics as a rigid board but much easyer to transport.

With our lessons at Paddleboarding Mallorca you can make Stand Up Paddle an esencial part of your life. Get motivated! Our school in the bay of Pollensa is the only center that can assure your learning and a lot of fun.